As an Ethiopian I am delighted to see my country from a foreigner’s eyes view. However, I am also sad to see how our tourism industry and the accommodations available are very lacking. I do agree that it is ironic how Ethiopia being the place where the world began, yet somehow fell off the world map into obscurity. We the people have a responsibility to put our country back on the map again in all sectors.

The Shooting Star

My first distinct memory of Ethiopia is standing on a cliff in the Simien Mountains, looking down at tiny highland villages dotting the valley on one side, vast green farm land on the other, volcanic mountains surrounding me, and thick-billed white-headed ravens flying above. I’m in the heart of Africa, I thought to myself as I watched the mist roll in; after dreaming about this part of the world for a long time, I’m finally here.

When I impulsively opted for a flight to Addis Ababa from Mauritius, I thought I was ready for East Africa after all the years I’ve spent travelling in India and Central America. And in some ways, I was. But even as I hiked in the vast, misty wilderness of the Simien Mountains and started appreciating the unique spirit of Addis Ababa, I failed to build a deep connection with the country and its people. I…

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